Case Studies

Environmental Monitoring Database

Glencore: Environmental Monitoring Database

The Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD) was originally developed in 2008 for Bulga mine (at that time Xstrata) in the Hunter Valley. It was a great success and was subsequently rolled out in phases to all of Glencore's coal mines within Australia.

The EMD handle Glencore Coal's environmental monitoring requirements - storing over 12 million monitoring records including Ground and Surface Water data, meteorological, air quality, blast, noise and so on. The comes from it real-time feeds using telemetry, APIs, direct access, FTP, emails and direct uploads.

The online cloud database allows both staff and external contractors to upload the data via the cloud based database, to receive warnings and alerts by email or SMS and gain insights through customised views, graphs and reports.

Though there are many advanced features in the EMD including account switching, data visualisation, wind roses, predictive charting and mapping it remains a very simple system for the staff to use and requires little or no training and a standard experience across all sites.

Australia Debt Recoveries: Recovery Database

Australian Debt Recoveries is a highly successful debt recovery agency based in Wollongong that use "state of the art systems and technology along with tried and tested collection techniques".

ADR asked us in 2008 to migrate their backend database from Access to SQL Server. Once this was completed we then went on to develop a new web portal for them that allowed debtors to make payments, clients and staff to check progress and send messages.

Since then we have continued to support them, maintaining and enhancing both their Web Portal and Access database with improvements such as some complex reports, bulk mailing, phone-dialler, eWay Payments, QuickBooks integration and Post Office payments.

ADR continue to remain at the forefront of technology in their industry and we are proud to support them in that area.

Veolia: Incentives & Asset Tracking

We have been working with Veolia (and also previously Dalkia Technical Services) since 2008, helping them with a variety of projects. We have provided them with analysis, programming, DBA and support services, sometimes onsite and at other times working remotely.

The example shown here is an "incentives database" that automatically brings in timesheet data from one of their other systems and prompts managers to approve (or reject) the incentive payments. On completion it sends the finalised data to their accounts team for payment.

Another solution was an Asset Tracking System used in both their Sydney and Wollongong offices to assist them with equipment audits using their tablet devices. The system allows them to enter the data into the tablets, updating their online database in real-time

epray: Online Service Creator

epray(R) is an internet subscription service "making worship planing easy" and includes an electronic lectionary, automated service creator and daily readings from the NRSV and NIV bibles.

This site employs site admin, account admin and user security levels. We import a new Lectionary each year as part of the service.

Recently, we developed epray Daily for iOS and Android which provides daily readings again in NRSV or NIV. This was developed using Xamarin.

We have been working with Broughton Publishing on several projects and continue to support and enhance their ePray website app.

James Cook University: eCRF / EDC

The eCRF / EDC system has been developed to allow clinical trial data collection is in line with ICH/GCP guidelines, maintaining data integrity and participant confidentiality.

The database employs a number of different security models to tightly control what data staff and participants are able to access including row level security, table access, column and function security.

It also includes a fairly complex workflow and data entry systems so different data is entered at different stages of the program based on the start date of the participant.

Screenshot of a builder's content and management database'

Hutchies: Building Management Database

This custom database mixes news, content, pictures and documentation with data listings, files and reports in a way we have not done before.

Created using our database development platform it has been customised to look very different with its own header, footer and menu that runs down the left had side.

The menu gives access to pages that contain magazine style content that is editable by the admin user as well as pure data screens with the normal filtering and export functions. The menu changes on each screen providing context sensitive options and even interacting with the data panels.

Screenshot of industry analysis database

CDI: Industry Analysis Database

For CDI Pinnacle Management we have developed a new database system in Microsoft Access to analyse fruit production at an industry level using statistical techniques. Provides feedback to growers on farming techniques and best practices in the following areas:

  • Financial
  • Harvesting
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Management
  • Labour
  • Packing
Screenshot of medical images database

Medical Imaging

The exciting new feature we added to our cloud database was the ability to put hotspots on images. As the user hovers over an area of the image it changes colour and when clicked their selection is saved to the database.

This powerful functionality can be used in a number of areas where the user needs to make a graphical choice such as selecting a room in a hotel, choosing their seats in a cinema or theatre or picking their seats on a plane. The possibilities are endless!

Uniting Care combined this with normal patient data to create a really powerful system that is being rolled out to a number of their centres for use by their lab staff.